Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation Ltd is a progressive world class performance tyre manufacturer, boasting the longest history of all tyre producers in Taiwan since starting operations in 1940. Nankang performance tyres are exported from Taiwan and China to over 100 markets worldwide. Their comprehensive range of passenger, light truck commercial and 4x4 radials are supplied to more than 300 distributors throughout Europe, North America, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia. 50 years of dedicated commitment to engineering techniques and quality control has seen Nankang deliver international award winning products that are both innovative and durable.

Founded in 1962, Kenda is one of the world’s leading tyre and tube producers for bicycle, motorcycle, golf car, lawn care equipment, trailer, all terrain, skid loader and agricultural vehicles. With factories in Taiwan, Vietnam and China, Kenda also designs and produces automotive tyres for distribution worldwide. Kenda’s ongoing commitment to “be the best” means they consistently exceed regulations and standards to ensure customers move forward safely. Their renowned history in engineering excellence and solid industry experience has produced quality tyres from bikes to ATV and more.

HONG TYRE GROUP CO. located in Qingdao Bonded Area,China, is one of the largest tyre suppliers in China as well as the most distinctive professional tyre exporters of China.

Located in Medan, Indonesia, Deli Tyres was established as a rubber flip-flops and sandals manufacturer before producing tyres and inner tubes in 1970. Consistent progress and investment in expertise has resulted in the company today manufacturing a wide range of bicycle, motorcycle, radial and industrial tyres and tubes, exporting their products to over 50 countries worldwide. Their industrial range covers fitments for wheelbarrows, trolleys, mowers and trailers.

Gremax Tyres is one of five leading brands of Crowntyre which was established in 2006. Covering more than 126 countries and regions, Crowntyre has built a solid network of 500 distributors worldwide. Crowntyre is committed to delivering quality tyres with a heavy focus on providing more efficient driving and tyre solutions for people’s everyday life, 

Tracmax Tyres are produced by the Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group Co., Ltd. a leading tyre manufacturer established in China in 1986.  In 2003, Yongsheng invested in and built Shandong Santai Rubber Co., Ltd. The company imported advanced manufacturing and testing equipment from France, USA and Germany to produce quality tyre products that are sold to many countries worldwide.

Tyre sizes explained

A Tyre Width

The tyre width measured in millimetres.

B Tyre Profile

This is the ratio of the tyres width to the tyre's height.

C Rim Size

The wheel rim size in inches.

D Load and Speed

Load rating (number) denotes the maximum weight the tyre can carry and speed (letter) denotes the maximum speed of the tyre.

Tyre size guide